Atlantic Connection’s team provides a balanced blend between the actual knowledge of the markets where we operate, and the mastering of the key practices and skills required internationally within business and investment advisory.

During the past years, our founding partners have held managing positions across different industries/sectors, within a corporate/multinational environment, accumulating a distinctive experience that can now translate into added value for our clients.

On the Agribusiness sector, our team have played a critical role on the establishment of foreign investors in Romania and on the development and expansion of their activities, heading the land management and farming operations for farmland portfolios up to 21.000 ha, along with the management of the largest farmland investment fund present in Romania. Such relevant experience acquired within the different perspectives of the business (operational, management, financial/investment) allow us to master the business value chain, along with a strong and valuable networking.

As to the Real Estate & Construction sector, we can provide a substantial and diversified track record, having successfully assisted the development, construction and project management of multi-million projects (energy, real estate, industrial, agriculture, office and housing), ensuring that projects were timely delivered, with quality and within the budget, permanently mitigating the potential risks for the final beneficiary.

Our proven track record and competences in the core sectors mentioned above is leveraged by the diverse background of the founding partners in various sectors, bringing key cross-industry skills related with strategy planning, financing and organization design. We have also dealt with various corporate and project finance deals within the energy, environment and construction sectors, along with the strategic design and implementation regarding business and organizational restructuring.