We draw on our extensive delivery experience, industry knowledge and dedication to plan the most proficient path towards the success of our client’s project.

Atlantic Connection understands each project’s unique needs, therefore in a first moment of our collaboration, it is critical to understand the profile and requirements of our client, in order to properly evaluate his needs and subsequently design the approach for the project. Our team will strive to seamlessly ensure the delivery of quality services, always based on a client-oriented approach and adding value to your investment at every opportunity, turning your aspirations into reality.

Atlantic Connection team offers a flexible and customized service, always working very close to our clients, with full transparency.

Our main areas of expertize are:


Farmland Brokerage, Asset Management and Agribusiness Consultancy

Construction & Real Estate

Acquisition Brokerage, Construction and Project Management, Property Management and Business Advisory Services

Business Catalyzers

Business Anchoring / Expansion, Connecting Businesses, Trading and investment Advisory Services